Sustainable Solutions

Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line - a process by which companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet.

RELIABLE appreciates and respects corporate initiatives revolving around business sustainability. Our ability and focus on a disposition strategy involving decommission and liquidations with furniture, fixtures and equipment includes

Feasible solutions to attain sustainability

Corporations, facility management companies, mid-market companies and small businesses and start-up companies all share something in common… CHANGE.

  • Large corporations relocate employees to gain efficiencies and improve workplace environments.
  • Facility management organizations are often forced to have office furniture, fixtures and equipment removed from vacated spaces from previous tenants.
  • Based on expansion and consolidation, mid-market companies are faced with needs to increase or decrease office space requirements.
  • Small businesses and start up companies seek cost effective solutions to outfit their office space while maintain functionality, ergonomic requirements and company image.
  • At some point, all organizations either seek to upgrade their furniture, expand their operational reach or downsize accordingly.


Many instances include discarding valuable furniture, fixtures and equipment and others include seeking second hand furniture, fixtures and equipment to maintain budgetary efficiencies.

With the pre-owned and refurbishing furniture market slowly diminishing based on prices of new imported office furniture, most companies feel there is no other choice then to dispose of their excess furniture, fixtures and equipment.

With the mixture of materials intertwined in the office furniture – wood veneer, laminate/particle board, fabric, metal and plastic – it takes a creative disposition strategy to minimize the amount of furniture, fixtures and equipment ending up in landfills and maximizing sustainability.

Our ability to assess, network and disposition furniture, fixtures and equipment allows us to assist with corporate and social initiatives focused on sustainability.  Our focused disposition strategy steps are:

  1. Resell
  2. Repurpose
  3. Recycle
  4. Donation
  5. Disposal



With our focus on sustainability, the most sustainable solution is to resell customers unneeded furniture, fixtures and equipment to other companies with a need and appreciation for gently used pre-owned items.

Reselling items also provides a potential offset toward costs associated with the labor and logistical needs to disassemble, loadout and transport items from your existing facility.


As part of the initial assessment, listening to customer’s needs and expectations may uncover a potential need to repurpose furniture, fixtures or equipment internally.  Whether it be a suggestion to refurbish existing items that may coexist with new office furniture or simply repurpose items in another office space, our creative thought process may turn a cost into an cost-savings opportunity.

Through reuse, resale and donation, BOS extends the life of thousands of furniture products, dramatically reducing the amount of waste dumped to landfills.


When reselling and repurposing options are exhausted, the sustainable thought process doesn’t end.  That’s when we look at what’s left and look to properly recycle materials that are accepted at recycling plants to include metal, wood, fabric, computers and toner, to name a few.  Every effort to recycle what can’t be resold or repurposed is made.


Between non-profit organizations and local town and municipalities, we all know budgets are stretched more and more on an annual basis.  Often times these organizations go years if not decades without office furniture upgrades.

We seek those organizations who may have a need that can be filled with decommission/liquidations we undertake.  This effort not only continues the focus on sustainability it also provides community involvement and satisfaction.