Decommission & Liquidations

Our team at RELIABLE stands ready and able to support your decommission/liquidation requirements

Decommission/liquidations is one part of the multi-level process involved with most projects, large or small.  Whether it be upgrading a space, relocation of furniture, fixtures & equipment to a new space or departing an active space, there are numerous steps in the process with varying levels of attention requirements.  Our decommission/liquidation services provides a professional, seamless and RELIABLE process focused on what we do best.  Our service include:

  1. On-site supervision and active involvement from ownership.
  2. Physical inventory of furniture, fixtures and equipment conducted as a first step to allow for effective decision making to determine reuse, repurpose, recycling or disposal.
  3. Promote furniture, fixtures and equipment not being retained internally to our network of wholesale dealers and attempt to gain value against costs associated with logistics to complete the removal.
  4. Coordinate charitable donations to non-profit organizations or towns/municipalities and promote community involvement.
  5. Disassembly and removal of furniture, fixtures and equipment not being retained internally.
  6. Recycling of product that is unable to be reused, repurposed or resold.
  7. *Dispose of product after all efforts are exhausted to reuse, repurpose, resold or recycled.

*Space is left in broom swept condition with a final walkthrough scheduled upon completion of the project.

*Disposal of chemicals, batteries, hazardous materials is not included as part of the decommission/liquidation process.  Removal can be included at an additional cost.

*All drawers of filing/storage cabinets, desks and pedestals are opened to ensure any sensitive, proprietary or private information is not left behind.

*Any sensitive, proprietary or private information including paperwork will be set aside for proper shredding or direction from the customer.

On-site supervision and active involvement is critically important to a seamless and efficient decommission/liquidation project

  • Provides clear and seamless communication between the customer, other trades working the project and our decommission/liquidation team.
  • Provide real time and efficient issue resolution as issues arise throughout the entire process.
  • Oversee and increase overall productivity and results of support resources
  • Provide more meaningful management information to support decision-making


For those customers that enjoy a challenge and seek the best deals for office furniture via on-line searches or are simply looking for a RELIABLE team to receive and install your pre-owned, refurbished or new office furniture, RELIABLE is your team for the job.

Our technicians are well versed in all major lines of office furniture from the 70’s to today.

Timely, professional and thorough approach to include furniture wipe-down, punch-list completion and final walkthrough to ensure total customer satisfaction.



Office space requirements tend to change to adapt to operational effectiveness.  Whether it be improved employee communication, more effective team collaboration or simply reconfiguring your space to improve basic aesthetics,

RELIABLE can work with your team to establish a new space plan and determine whether reconfiguring your existing workspace is feasible or a different option should be considered.

Do you have enough of existing components to set up product in the proposed configuration?

RELIABLE can help procure parts from a secondary supplier or new furniture dealer should you need additional parts to complete the reconfiguration.

RELIABLE can provide objective, creative, alternate options should reconfiguration be ruled out as an option.

map (1)


Are you looking to relocate your operation to a different floor in your current building or a different facility?

RELIABLE can provide services to disassemble, transport and reassemble your existing product and set it up in your new space.

Prior to project commencement RELIABLE will assist with space planning for your new space to ensure existing product is feasible.

Relocations is a combination of both the Reconfiguration and Installation Services identified above.  Any excess product not required for the new space can be staged and inventoried in a customer provided storage space or liquidated per customer authorization.


Inventory Services

Inventory services can be an integral part of planning for each direction an organization may be considering.

Determining what existing furniture, fixtures and equipment an organization currently has on hand will provide valuable information to determine direction of internal reuse or repurposing, potential resale value and/or potential donation, recycling or disposal direction furniture, fixtures and equipment is funneled.

With years of relevant experience with customer asset, storage and tracking coupled with understanding of secondary market trends and recycling efforts focused on sustainability, RELIABLE can provide the proper level of inventory services to fit your specific needs.

Physical inventory with details including manufacturer information, quantities, sizes, condition along with red-lining existing furniture layouts and providing images of corresponding products can be provided to fit your existing needs and provide valuable information for effective decision making.


Procurement of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

As RELIABLE focuses on sustainability when completing decommission/liquidations, one key part of the furniture, fixtures and equipment disposition strategy includes reselling gently used pre-owned office furniture at very affordable prices (delivery and installation priced separately).

“Other people’s unwanted office furniture is another’s upgraded office treasure”

Feel free to contact us here with item(s) you may be looking for or call to discuss potential solutions.